Asparagus Planting

Ground prep work.

Straight rows is the goal.

Master farmer Marty driving the tractor and planter.

Planting is good for couples therapy.

Asparagus planting Monotony!

Reloading asparagus crowns.

We are excited about our newest addition to our farm -ASPARAGUS.    Our test plots have done better than we anticipated and we are hopeful ( as asparagus takes mutiple years to establish) to be able to bring you organically grown asparagus in retail and wholesale quantities in the spring of 2019.  Please return here for updates and if you are interested in wholsale quantity orders, restaurant sales or other farm to table orders please contact us at 630-779-6249

Phase two of the asparagus plan has been implemented.  With the success of our test plots last year we decided to plant an acre of asparagus.  That’s a total of over 7500 plants.   The variety that grew the best turns out to be one of the best varietals was chosen.    Jersey supreme.  The field was chisel plowed and disced to prepare the soil for planting and soil amendments were added based on our soil tests.  April 2018 has been a very cold month with snow present on at least half the days the first half of the month.  This has delayed planting for all of the area farmers.   We finally got a break in the weather and on April 22nd the field was planted.