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What we Grow and Produce

Conifera Christmas Tree Farm of Harvard, Illinois offers choose and cut and pre-cut trees, live potted trees, wreaths and garland. During the spring and fall harvest seasons, we also produce asparagus.

Choose and Cut & Pre-Cut Trees

Conifera Christmas Tree Farm offers choose and cut and pre-cut trees. Our current 2021 choose and cut inventory is limited to large blue spruce, Norway spruce, black hills spruce and Serbian spruce 7-18’. We also offer pre-cut Premium grade Fraser and Balsam Fir (6′-12′) from our National Champion Wisconsin partner farm along with wreaths, garland and live potted trees.

Wreath and Garland Shop

All of our Wreaths and Garland that we sell at the farm are made in our shop. We are equipped with Wreath and Garland making equipment that can handle our sales needs but also allows us to make many custom products and even fulfill orders for seasonal exterior home decorators. Our sales shop also features products from other local farms.

Asparagus Farm

Spears to You is the asparagus part of our farm and has met with tremendous response and growth. We sell out on almost a daily basis. With the success of our test plots and our first acre of asparagus we have since expanded to 7 acres of asparagus. That’s a total of over 50,000 plants. The varietals that grew the best were Jersey Supreme and Millennial. The fields are prepped in the spring with nutrients and again in the summer.

For questions about orders and our trees, comments and suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you!

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